Independent Living Fund


The Independent Living Fund was set up in 1988 to provide extra funding for severely disabled people who need intensive, high-cost care to live independently in their homes. 

Some ILF recipients need 24-hour support. With that round-the-clock care from personal assistants, many recipients are able to work, study and socialise, and continue to live independent lives. ILF money is often used to top up the funding for care services that is provided by councils. The ILF is an acknowledgement that cash-strapped councils can’t afford to pay for the high-cost care packages that ILF recipients require. 


In 2010, the government closed the fund to new applicants. Then, in 2012, the government announced that the ILF would be closed to existing users and that both the funding and the users would be transferred to the local authority care system. This ILF money would not be ringfenced and there was no guarantee that it would be devolved to councils for more than a couple of years. 

This caused great concern among recipients, who knew that councils could not afford to pay for their care. They would be left with two choices: to move into care homes (assuming there were available places), or to stay in their own homes and try to get by with dangerously low levels of care provided by their cashstrapped councils. 

In 2013, ILF claimants challenged the closure of the fund through the courts. The high court upheld the government's decision to close it in the first instance but then, at the end of 2013, the Court of Appeal overturned the decision on the basis that the Minister for Disabled People had breached equality duties when deciding to close the ILF. 

Amazingly, the government is trying to close the fund again. In March 2014, Minister of State for Disabled People, Mike Penning, announced a new closure date for the fund – the end of June 2015. Disabled people have responded with another legal challenge.

Disabled protestors have also responded with direct action, including a widely-publicised occupation of the Westminster Abbey grounds on 28 June, and a popular postcard campaign. You can read all the latest updates from the Save ILF campaign.

Campaigners say this fight is central to the battle for disability rights. With adequate funding for care services and support, everyone who is or becomes disabled can continue to live an independent life. Without adequate funding, that independence is threatened. People’s lives are at risk. 


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